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Dom Mar KZ is proof that dreams do not have an expiry date. For more than two decades the Talented Toronto-area singer/ songwriter has shown a remarkable level of dedication and Perseverance to his crafts, and has never given up his desire to write, record and perform music.

His most recent single, “Destiny” shows how much he is able to take the essence of his own emotional trials and tribulations, joys and successes, and create a piece of music that has meaning for any listener. “I suffered some losses in my family, and ever since then I have been looking at life differently. I used to be this perfectionist where everything had to be in order; now I don’t care about that anymore. It’s about enjoying the moment and getting the best out of life in the here and now,” he said. “I think everybody feels like that at some point. The message of the song is to not take life for granted, find your passion and live your life. Even when it’s tough and even when things don’t work out, it’s alright, be optimistic. Lift yourself up, there’s always something good that can come from something bad; live life with meaning with joy and with love.”

Dom Mar KZ came from a supportive family where his love of music and performing was nurtured from an early age. High school was where his love of music reached its full flowering as he first enrolled in the school’s music program and then joined with other school pals to form bands that hashed out the chords and melodies o the latest radio sensations from Duran Duran, Van Halen, and the other pop and rock hit makers of the mid-1980s.

After studying music at Humber College he tried his hand at the local Toronto club scene for a time, performing at some of the top city venues of the day, some of which have their names etched in the firmament of Canadian rock history, including The Gasworks, Rock and Roll Heaven, and Nag’s Head North.

“It was a great time for live music in Toronto. There were lots of clubs which were always packed with people wanting to see great live music,” he said.

In the 2000s, he had the good fortune of having his band, then just called Mar KZ, open for Canadian rock luminaries Def Leppard and Honeymoon Suite. Six years later (2006) he got to perform in front of a packed house opening for Bon Jovi at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre, after winning a radio station contest. Less than two years later, Mar KZ was added to five dates at the end of a run through Ontario and Quebec by legendary German hard rockers, The Scorpions.

“It was like a dream come true. Who wouldn’t want to open for Bon Jovi at the Air Canada Centre? It was a great time. With the Scorpions we just contacted their promoter and sent him some music. He forwarded it to their manager, he liked it and we got those shows. It was an amazing experience and with each show they were more generous to us with their lighting and sound. It was like they wanted us to prove ourselves, and I guess we did,” Mar KZ said.

In 2010 Mar KZ went into the studio to record an album with Bon Jovi producer/engineer Obie O’Brien. The chance to work with top session players and recording technicians was a real eye-opening experience, one that pushed Mar KZ to raise his game as a songwriter and musician. “You just saw the professionalism with all those guys. It was outstanding. It’s such a different experience when you are playing with top session guys. Time is of the essence; there’s no fooling around. They get the job done and do it so well. It’s incredible to be around that sort of atmosphere. And you learn so much. You learn it and you take it with you and use that work ethic and attention to detail with everything you do moving forward.”

Fast forward to 2016 and with the powerfully transformative experience of writing, recording and now releasing When It’s Tough To Be You and Destiny, Dom Mar KZ’s creative fire is burning as high and hot as it ever has, and he is focusing all his time, energy and artistry on making his musical dreams come true. Once again, it’s proof that it’s never too late to Rock and Roll.